COMSAC is a non-profit organisation that provides information and advice to members on matters relating to the Sectional Title industry, Home Owners’ Associations and Shareblock schemes within the Western Cape.

  • Exchange information between members & related organizations;
  • Participate in local forums;
  • Maintain a membership register & data bank of relevant information;
  • Represent members where collective action is necessary;
  • Being pro-active in furthering specific interests of members;
  • Provide support at no cost to members.

We arranges seminars & workshops for trustees & owners on an ongoing basis.  Costs, including membership fees and seminars, are kept to a minimum.  In a country where the total number of Community Schemes is set to double, there is a desperate and growing need for education & support umongst trustees & owners.  All Community Scheme owners in the Western Cape are encouraged to support this initiative.  If your scheme is not a member, please contact us to join COMSAC.